When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet

Apparently Eliza James likes West Side Story…
I read years ago about the benefits of playing Classical music to your baby in utero and decided last week that we would listen to some Mozart and Debussey and Rossini… This week the station is airing a ‘Tribute to Leonard Bernstein’ so they are playing a ton of things he directed, one being West Side Story. EJ doesn’t care for Maria but when Anita sings, she dances. It was truly a fun ride home today.
Mommy had a ‘regular pregger lady day’ today which was nice.
Visited with my oldest best friend, Michelle and her daughter, Kendra. We went baby shower decoration shopping, bought Kendra a bike, talked about the importance of the ‘smell test’ with kids, talked about how nasty kids are in general, had a ton of laughs…just a great non-spina-bifida day.
Things I learned:
*I can still Moonwalk. (apparently Kendra’s mommy told her I could, so I couldn’t disappoint a child)
*Kids will lie to you when you ask if they’ve washed their hands (hence the importance of the aforementioned ‘smell test’
*These capris STILL fit…that in itself is a miracle. I may live in them for a week or two.
*Baby Daddy wouldn’t say anything about me speeding normally but now I can’t “hurry home” because I’m expected to drive the speed limit with precious cargo.
*I don’t know all the words to ‘I Feel Pretty’ like I thought I did…I suppose I’ve been singing the Adam Sandler-Anger Management edition for a really long time…
I know this wasn’t a long post or a terribly emotional one but I do feel like it was important to express how good feeling normal is some days. On ‘our’ ride home to daddy I got to day dream about our lives with Eliza James and it was a wonderful feeling.


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